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Top Reasons to Hire a Video Production Company

Today companies recognize the inherent value and advantages of using corporate videos for marketing purposes. The cameras have become more powerful and less expensive which has lowered the barrier to entry in video production.

Many of us carry smartphones that have powerful cameras but that does not mean we are well equipped to shoot corporate videos.  Here are some top reasons to hire a video production company Miami to make corporate videos.…

Why Should You Use Kraft Papers as Part of Your Brand Identity?

Developing a steady brand identity is essential for your business success, and it’s the basics that help in building your brand image. Similar to your personal identity, brand identity is the means and steps that you undertake to represent your business to your potential customers. As it includes the name of your business or brand, design of your logo, its colors, shapes, or your promotional expressions, through different means, such as visiting cards, product leaflet, flyer or packing and packaging, equally they can be used brilliantly to display your social responsibility that count a lot in brand recognition.…

Essential Marketing Job Interview Questions to Ask Potential Candidates

Marketing helps identify the customers’ need, making a product to fulfill that need and selling the product profitably. To run this whole process smoothly, you need to hire potential candidates who can make your marketing initiatives a success. Here are some essential marketing job interview questions which will help you to choose the right candidate for you.

What are big P’s of marketing?

Three Crucial Marketing Interview Questions for Your Next Marketing Position

When you are interviewing potential candidates for a marketing position in your company, you want people with in-depth knowledge of marketing for that position. It is better, of course, if they have more extensive knowledge than that, but marketing is a vast and continually changing field. People have busy lives and do not usually have enough time to keep tabs on every aspect or every new development than what immediately concerns them.…

Four Marketing Job Interview Questions You Must Ask Every Candidate

When you are interviewing candidates for marketing positions in your company, you want to know if they have the capability to do the work well, if they can fit in with your company’s work environment, and if they intend to work with you long-term. It can be tricky, however, to get an accurate estimation of the candidates through just the interview process.…

A Quick List of Top Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

When preparing for a marketing interview, concentrate on the marketing position you are interviewing for rather than attempting to cover the entire scope of marketing. While a broader marketing knowledge will certainly be helpful, you will impress the interviewers more if you can display an in-depth understanding of the marketing segment you want to work in.

In addition, it will be a plus if you can demonstrate that you have researched the company well and understand what they expect of you if they hire you.…

Everything You Need to Know About the Customer Journey

The customer journey is one of the most vital aspects of any business. It gives you a whole new perspective on what your customers experience with your company. Here are the key factors you need to understand about the customer journey, and how mapping that journey can help your business succeed.

1. You Can Break it Down into Three Parts

The customer journey is long and complicated, even when you have streamlined the entire process, but the entire thing can be broken down into roughly three parts: engagement, connection, and success.…

Three Steps to Finding a Creative Agency for Your Startup

Startups need fast results. When you are starting business, there is definitely a learning curve.  You have so many things on your plate to deal with that you are bound to make a few mistakes.  It’s common for startups to focus on development and design, but without marketing no one is going to see what a great product you have made.…

Benefits of Hand Addressing Direct Mail

There was a time before emails and smartphones when people eagerly awaited their mails in their mailboxes. Personal letters, all kinds of bills and coupons, magazines, brochures, catalogues- everyone’s mailbox used to be filled with both wanted and unwanted junk. However, this trend gradually changed over the years with the advent of internet, emails and text messages. It is true that almost no one uses postal services anymore to communicate with one another, and the bulkiness of the mail in mailboxes has reduced too.…

Direct Mail for Non Profits – Some of the Best Practices

Direct mail is the best way to engage people and get in touch with donors who cannot be connected easily through email. As per CMO Council statistics, 70% of Americans feel direct mail is more personal form of communication. But making it work for you isn’t a simple task.

So, here are some of the best practices that will ensure success in your direct mail marketing campaign.…

Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Non-profit Fundraising Events

Running a non-profit organization, you might depend highly on the generosity of the government and local community that provide funds in the form of donations and grants. And the fundraising process is always difficult and requires a lot of effort to generate interest.

However, the process is not that complex when you use direct mail marketing.  That is because there are certain ways in which you can capitalize the advantage of direct mail marketing to generate significant interest.…

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