How Does Baidu SEM Work?

Baidu Search Engine Marketing is indispensable for companies to improve their visibility in the Chinese Mainland. Baidu is the popular search engine in China with 222 million users on its app and is growing at a rate of 22 percent every year. The stats are shared by the company itself. This shows how important is for businesses to focus on Baidu ranking.

Baidu SEM is one fast way to push an event like China SEM in London. This is a fast-tracked approach when combined with organic SEO efforts in maximizing the visibility of any event or brand.

Baidu Search Engine Marketing involves many aspects. They are explained below for your convenience.

Account Registration: Baidu requires anyone who wants to start SEM to be registered with it. However, the process of registration may take many months. One can expect a minimum of 2 months to sometimes 6 months at a maximum. Besides, there can be much paperwork that needs to be handled to get permits. Most documents shall be in Chinese and here’s where you will need the helping hand of a local digital marketing agency in China.

Types of ads: Baidu allows different types of ads. They include display ads, text ads, search ads, and information feed ads. You can choose one or all that matches your needs and budget.

Pricing: Baidu ads bidding depends on various factors including bidding prices, quality score, and trust score of your company. It also considers the user’s behavioral data when they search for a related term or product that is in line with your business.

Trust Score: Baidu’s trust score is a kind of count that is allotted to websites based on many aspects. Sometimes, a website can even get a penalty from Baidu, which will lessen its trust score. Top websites such as one related to China SEM in London score good trust score in Baidu.

Components of Baidu PPC

There are three main components of Baidu PPC: Keywords, Campaigns, Adwords.

Keywords: These are the search terms that users look for when searching for a product or service on Baidu. Digital marketing experts will provide you a set of related keywords that match your product’s or event’s needs or anything that you are looking to promote on Baidu.

Campaign: This is what you run to promote your company or brand. It is a set of ads targeted at specific users. It can be dependent on a location or a language or anything specific. You should take care of the negative keywords, location that you are targeting, and customer personal precisely to maximize the returns from your campaigns. The more details you look at, the better the results.

Ad groups: These are the groups of ads that share a common set of keywords along with the bidding prices. AN advantage with Baidu is it places paid ads in proximity to organic ads. Thus your audience will not find that the brand is advertising. The approach looks natural and authentic which will instill more trust in the buyers.

Why should you focus on Baidu SEM?

Baidu SEM allows flexibility in your ad campaign budgeting. The amount that you wish to spend daily/weekly/or monthly is in your hands. In this way, your SEM budget will no more be burdensome for you. This is one reason why marketers prefer Baidu for SEM.

On the other hand, the CPC of Baidu SEM is lesser than the maximum bidding price like most other search engines. Baidu also has its tracking tools that will help analyze the performance results of your campaign.

Baidu is one go-to destination when you want to get close to a Chinese audience. Search engine marketing when topped up with organic SEO and social media marketing will yield the best results. You can leverage the power of Chinese social media as an addition to Baidu SEM to draw more attention. All these campaigns together will give you the best results in your expected timelines.

China is rapidly growing in terms of cross-border e-commerce and search engine marketing. Chinese users believe in spending on overseas products provided they have good visibility. Most products like cosmetics, lifestyle items, baby products, apparel are a huge hit in China mainland thanks to the power of Search Engine marketing that the companies leveraged. Get the guidance of a local digital marketing agency in China and boost your brand’s visibility with Baidu SEM. Questions? Drop them in the comments.