Three Steps to Finding a Creative Agency for Your Startup

Startups need fast results. When you are starting business, there is definitely a learning curve.  You have so many things on your plate to deal with that you are bound to make a few mistakes.  It’s common for startups to focus on development and design, but without marketing no one is going to see what a great product you have made. Marketing is not founder’s specialty, so you need to hire a creative agency to help you reach your customers.

For startup owners, choosing a creative agency can be a daunting task. You know that you want help with a marketing campaign, but the problem is you don’t know where to start. We are going to show you the way to find a right creative agency in Seattle, New York or elsewhere in the US for your startup.

Three Steps to Finding a Creative Agency for Your Startup1)  Pre-pitch Process

Before you approach any creative agency, you need to have clear ideas about the objectives like who are your target customers, what will be the price of the product or which similar products are in the market. You don’t need a comprehensive plan as the agency you select will help you in it. Having clear objectives will give you both a good starting point.

When you select a few potential candidates, you need to perform a research on them that should consist the following.

. Look at their previous work

A look at their previous work will tell you whether they have experience of working with startups.  You need to also see whether “Return on investment” metric figures on their list when working for their clients.
If the company has a portfolio, look for the media-specific work they have done. There are many types and styles of creative work. Just because they are a creative agency and have been in the business for years, you need not get influenced with every work they have done in the past.

When you look at their creative samples, ask yourself whether you can feel a mental or emotional connection with their work. Always trust your instincts and don’t be shy to ask for other creative samples if you don’t like what they have given you.

. Look at their financial background and resources

You may select smaller agencies or even local agencies, but you need to make sure the creative agency ( you consider has the required skills and resources to deliver all work competently.

At this step, you will have a list of creative agencies that you would like to approach based on their previous work.

2)  Developing Relationships

Before you ask any agency to offer a quote, you need to hold a meeting to discuss about the scope of the work. The meeting would be an ideal place to discuss your goals and get answers from them.

You need to have face to face meetings with at least three creative agencies. When you invite them, you can either listen to their creative ideas to judge whether their ideas will help you achieve your objectives or you can listen to their answers on your brief.

When you meet agencies, provide them maximum information about your objectives. Avoid working on a vague idea as it is a waste of time for both.

3)  The Final Pitch

Unless you ask for creative work and pay for it, you will never know whether the agency will help you meet the objectives. Majority of the established creative agencies will not offer creative solutions for free. They will show how they plan to achieve the objectives and what it would cost you.

A standout creative agency will be the one that will do the research and develop a full-fledged plan to help you reach the goals and you will also feel comfortable to work with.

The steps given above will help you find a professional creative agency that is trustworthy and you will love to develop a strong relationship with. Some creative agencies will provide you great ideas, but poor communication and understanding will not help you achieve your goals.