Why Work with a Law Firm SEO Expert?

Gone are the days when people would use yellow pages to search for lawyers. Reports say, 96% of people seeking legal advice turn to search engines.

You need to invest in SEO if you want to be found by your clients. But you cannot depend on just about anybody. Only a law firm SEO expert will know what keywords to use that will match user queries on search engines.

Let us look at some more reasons why you should go for law firm SEO expert services:

Helps You Rank on the Top of SERP

Most of your potential customers don’t look beyond the top few listings on the first page of search results. A law firm SEO expert can help you achieve top spots in search results on all the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

The more visible you are, the more traffic you will generate. With the right kind of content, this would transpire into more leads and more clients for your law firm.

Word of mouth and references will get you clients but if you can latch on to the millions of mobile and desktop internet searches made every day, you will see the kind of growth that will help you leave your competitors behind.

Foolproof SEO Strategies

Only a law firm SEO expert will know what strategies to use so that Google and the other search engines rank your site higher. And this goes beyond just selecting search terms (keywords).

Codes are placed on your site for on-page optimization. Law firm SEO services also optimize content for posting on other sites and platforms. They can even help you build quality backlinks to boost your website’s rank in search engines.

Many potential clients don’t realize they have legitimate claims. Selective legal overviews about your cases on your site can help them understand whether or not they have a valid claim. If your content helps them, they are more likely to hire you. And SEO experts can help you build such content.

Expert law firm SEO services providers can even help you boost your social presence.

Manage Your Website

Law firm SEO specialists ensure that your website has the right automated features. Without proper assistance and helpful features, your prospective clients will visit your website and do nothing more.

With automated site features that are triggered by SEO tools tailor-made for your law firm website, your prospective clients get many options such as:

● Receive quick paths to relevant legal topics and services

● Chat online with a chatbot or a representative of your law firm

● Schedule a consultation or choose a good time for a to follow up call

● Download free information about recent trials, verdicts or settlements

● Choose whether they want to be added to the marketing database

Review and Analysis

Law Firm SEO experts go about their job in a professional manner. Based on various website metrics and relevance they analyze whether your content is performing as per expectations. Some of these metrics include:

● Click-through rate (CTR)-This is the number of people who click on your ads, arrive at your site and take the desired action.

● Time Onsite-How much time users spend on your website, where they spend the time. Perhaps they are reading past cases or entering their own case details in a web form.

● Bounce rate-Where users are leaving your site. The content may have used complex legal terminology that the general public is not conversant with and find it heavy or perhaps the cases mentioned are old.

● Content sharing-The The number of times users shares a piece of content such as reposting it on social media or emailing it to another person.

Law firm SEO experts have knowledge of both SEO and legal aspects. So, after analyzing the data, they are able to come out with suitable solutions.

For example, some content has to be removed and some others can be reoptimized to target new sets of legal keywords.

Little things like making sure that your blogs are up-to-date and your recent posts focus on how you have helped your past clients can help potential customers make up their mind in your favor.

So do you have any questions about choosing a law firm SEO expert?