Why Your Online Presence in Baidu Advertising is So Important?

Baidu is the largest search engine and advertising platform in China. It is entirely Chinese-focussed and has the biggest index of Chinese web pages. There are other search engines as well but no one stands against Baidu including Google. So, if you are planning to promote your business in China, the world’s largest digital market, you cannot do it without Baidu advertising (adstochina.westwin.com/baidu-advertising). Let’s deep dive to understand more about it and the advantages.

How Does Baidu Advertising Work?

Baidu advertising is mostly referred to as Baidu PPC which is a paid online marketing and advertising solution for your business and works similar to Google Adwords. You have to create ads with relevant keywords that will target consumers. When users will search for those targeted keywords on Baidu, your ad will appear prominently on Baidu’s search engine results page, which increases its likelihood of being clicked. Baidu pay per click advertising is the fastest and most effective form of online promotion in China that delivers instant results.

Why Baidu Advertising?

Now, let’s see the advantages of Baidu Advertising:

Improved Visibility

With an ever-increasing number of products and services being marketed every day in a country like China, gaining online visibility is not possible without advertising on Baidu which has a 95% penetration rate and holds more than 78% search engine market share. It receives billions of new queries every day. And whenever a person searches for something, Baidu search results display the advertisements. For organic search results, a user has to scroll down. So, you can reach a large number of people looking for products and services in your business category.

Increases Website Traffic

When users will click your PPC ad, it will take them to your website, thus increasing website traffic. And there will be a high possibility that many of these users will turn into customers. Also, the Baidu Brand Zone is a remarkable way to capture traffic through search engine results. It is a monthly paid service that allows you to dominate the Baidu search engine results page with information about your brand.


Advertising on Baidu is cost-effective. You are charged a minimal fee when prospective customers click your advertisements. In fact, if you are a foreign company entering the Chinese market, you will find that the cost of advertising is comparatively lower. You can customize the daily/weekly spending cap for PPC ads to manage your total budget.

Packed with Powerful Tools

To help you with your advertising campaign, Baidu offers a wide range of tools for keyword research, ad monitoring, and performance analysis.

Baidu Zhishu is one such tool that provides insights into the search volume of keywords, search trends and other information that will be useful while devising ad campaigns. It also offers a keyword planner that is integrated into the PPC platform. It is helpful in choosing the right keywords for your content.

With Baidu PPC, you can easily track your campaign performance. Baidu Tongji is Baidu’s own analytics platform that allows you to track the number of visitors to your site, the time they visit and where they come from. This is a great way to know which advertisements are doing well and which aren’t.

Good Return on Investment

With improved targeting capabilities, Baidu advertising helps you focus on the exact set of customers and thereby yields maximum results. Using the right keywords and selecting the appropriate time and location for your ads will enable you to effectively zero in on your potential customers. As a result, you can expect a good return on investment.

Growing Platform

The internet user base in China is growing rapidly which in all probability means that even more people will use Baidu on a daily basis in the coming future.


According to DMR reports, the number of mobile devices that Baidu reaches is 1.1 billion and the number of daily active users of the Baidu app is 200 million. These stats demonstrate the huge potential of Baidu advertising if you are planning to market your brand in China. It’s a perfect platform to attract people who have a greater intention to buy. And it’s the best time to be on Baidu to woo the Chinese.

Do you’ve any questions about advertising on Baidu?