Essential Marketing Job Interview Questions to Ask Potential Candidates

Marketing helps identify the customers’ need, making a product to fulfill that need and selling the product profitably. To run this whole process smoothly, you need to hire potential candidates who can make your marketing initiatives a success. Here are some essential marketing job interview questions which will help you to choose the right candidate for you.

What are big P’s of marketing?

It’s a preliminary marketing job interview question that you must ask. They can include the product, people, price, physical evidence, promotion, and place as these are all pillars of marketing. You can ask how they have executed these elements in his or her experiences. This will help you to know about their marketing skill and if they are the right fit for your organization.

What is target marketing?

This question may seem simple, but it will throw light on the candidate’s understanding of the term target. In marketing jobs, one has to achieve the aim within a deadline. So you can judge how a candidate can efficiently perform his or her work. Secondly, you can get an idea of whether the candidate is aware of the difference between the target market and target audience. The target market is the group of customers that the business has decided to aim through its marketing efforts. Target audience could be a specific cluster of individuals within a target market. You can add some follow up questions to verify how they execute this knowledge in reality.

What is a product strategy?

A lot of research and analysis happens in the background before releasing a product. This question will help you to know the candidate’s skill to place a product in the market. Customers can select a product supported on their perceived value of it. So you need to find out whether the candidate is aware of pricing the product rightly and horizontal or vertical marketing strategies.

You can get an idea of how a candidate can place different products offered by a company. For example, personal care is a popular product line offered by several companies. Personal care has completely different merchandise under it like a personal wash, skin care cosmetics, etc. To execute all these a candidate has to know about the survey method. Because the result of such surveys often depicts a customers wish and what they will buy.

How does the promotional mix works?

Marketing strategy reaches its final stage in the promotional mix. It is that marketing strategy which the company uses to market and promote its product and services. If you ask this question to the candidate, you can get an idea about their awareness of different promotional methods such as online advertising, new media, direct mail marketing, use of retail displays, etc.

This type of question will help you to know about his or her strategic skill. You get to know about his or her skills in media planning and efforts. In today’s world, there are many platforms for promotion available. Moreover, you will get to know which types of platforms the candidate is most comfortable with so that you can leverage the benefits of it accordingly by asking this type of marketing interview question.

Why is consistnet branding so important in marketing?

This is one of the best marketing job interview questions that will give you insight about a candidate’s knowledge about branding. Branding is a marketing practice of creating an identity of your company. You need to focus more on the second part of the question that is on the importance of branding. By asking questions related to branding significance, you can get to know whether the candidate is aware of the brand equity or not. In addition to this question, you can probe them on measuring brand value. There are various approaches to measure a brand. You need to know how they operate it in both product and consumer level.

Now you know the essential marketing job interview questions that you need to ask the candidates. So get ready to choose the right employee for your organization. Do you’ve any marketing job questions to add in the list? Have we missed any important ones? Please feel free to leave your comments below.