Why Baidu is the Best Way for Marketing to Chinese Consumers?

Baidu is one of the most powerful search engines that is used by millions of people in China. Baidu Inc was incorporated in 2000 and has emerged as a popular platform with an unprecedented reach.

Google was banned in the Chinese Mainland in the year 2010. However, users in Taiwan and Hongkong continue to use google. Apart from these users, the primary choice for search engines for the majority of the Chinese population is Baidu.

If you are planning to extend your marketing efforts to target Chinese consumers, you must incorporate Baidu SEM in your marketing efforts. Here are a few reasons why Baidu is the best way to market to Chinese consumers.

Baidu holds a large market share.

Baidu is the second largest search engine in the World and holds about 76% market share in China. The robust platform is referred to as Google of China and dominates the Chinese market entirely.

The search engine has been growing since its advent in 2000 and has rendered the other search engines ineffective. With such a huge market share, Baidu SEM is a colossal and inevitable part of any marketing campaign in China.

People in China like to do research.

Research is the first step of the purchasing process in china. Chinese consumers like to do their research before making a decision. Only when they are satisfied with the information obtained, they proceed to make purchases.

Also, Chinese people are highly connected users, and the number of internet users on Baidu is increasing by the day.

Chinese consumers have a preference towards brands that they know and trust. Hence using a robust platform like Baidu is imperative to the success of your marketing efforts in China.

Chinese consumers are responsive to advertisements

Most consumers look at online adverts and promotions as disruption and inconvenience. This is not true for Chinese consumers. They are not only tolerant but also welcoming to advertisements.

When presented with relevant adverts, Chinese users are more likely to click on the ads to learn more about the product and brand. Hence, if you execute your marketing strategies efficiently in China, it can generate better reach and clickthrough rates.

Baidu is a robust and widely used platform

Baidu is a highly used search engine in China. It is no surprise that the platform offers a colossal reach.

The success of any marketing campaign depends on the number of users that the advert reaches. Also, with a high reach, it is easier to find potential consumers for your products.

Baidu offers you a unique opportunity to enhance your customer reach while maintaining your budget. Baidu is highly cost-effective especially considering the return you will be getting on your investment.

Statistically, Baidu has a much larger audience as compared to any other platform in china.

Baidu offers high activity and retention.

The wide reach of Baidu is also replicated in its activity levels. Baidu receives more than 5 billion search requests per day, which is very high even in comparison to Google.

For each visit, the time spent by the users is similar to that of Google. This means that Baidu has a high activity level and similar retention to a powerful search engine like Google.

Baidu is focused on Chinese consumers.

If your business is primarily focused in China or you are planning to venture into the Chinese market, Baidu SEM can be a powerful aid for your marketing efforts.

Unlike other platforms, the majority of Baidu users are located in China. The Baidu community is growing exponentially and offers a unique opportunity to target your marketing effort to the Chinese Mainland.

These are some of the important factors that make Baidu a prime choice for marketing to Chinese consumers. Baidu is a revolutionary platform in China that can create huge returns when utilized properly.