The Many Advantages of Omnibus Studies

There are literally thousands of ways to gain access to valuable, well-researched data about companies and people. These can range from small, dedicated studies to large, omnibus studies. And while every kind of research has its benefits and drawbacks, more and more companies are discovering the value in the omnibus studies that are being released by major research groups. These omnibus studies help companies get vital information. All it requires is buying in and the information can be accessed. It’s a progressive way to get your hands on interesting data that could help your business grow.

But first: what are omnibus studies and why are they so popular for many different kinds of businesses, including non-profits, private, startups, and more? An omnibus study is generally an ongoing study conducted by a research group. It usually consists of a number of generalized interviews in which participants are asked the questions that are generally asked in most research situations, including questions related to demographics. These are sometimes mixed in with questions that are submitted by the companies who are buying into the omnibus study. That way, the information is specific and general at the same time, making it higher quality for those who are buying in.

Research groups keep their omnibus studies ongoing so that more companies can buy in and more information can be gathered on an ongoing basis. This makes omnibus studies an excellent resource for many different kinds of businesses because of the cost-effectiveness of accessing omnibus studies and the information available. While the information may be more generalized, omnibus studies make for an excellent investment, especially for companies that are working with limited budgets.

The omnibus studies research company conducts a number of interviews with the target group on a regular basis: these interviews combine a number of the standard questions that are always asked—generally including demographic information (age, sex, occupation) or company classification information for a business survey.

1. Cost

Omnibus studies aggregate multiple clients together for surveys and polling data that overlap with multiple needs, spreading the cost of your market research across multiple clients, too. The result: high-quality data and research that is much, much more affordable than other, dedicated research methods and packages.

2. Time

Omnibus studies are quick. So quick, in fact, that they rarely take you any time at all. This is because omnibus studies are part of a research group’s ongoing data collection. So rather than setting up an independent study and executing a research strategy, buying into an omnibus study gives you access to important research almost immediately.

3. Timeliness

Given their usually-ongoing nature, the information that is revealed in omnibus studies tends to be very up-to-the-minute. So instead of getting research that is a few years, or even decades, old, you can buy into omnibus studies that have correlated and gathered data from whenever it started right up until today. With the latest data, you will have the most accurate information that remains relevant to your needs, and that can help your company look to the future with the confidence that you have the most recent information available.

4. Data Variation

Because omnibus studies are an ongoing, shared cost form of research, the data collected is often varied and, therefore, more comprehensive and accurate. Rather than relying on just one method of data collection, be it phone, email, or focus groups, omnibus studies often employ multiple kinds of data collection to reach more people.

Omnibus studies are just one of the many ways to gather important data and information for your business, non-profit, or startup. It comes with numerous advantages, including how quickly you can access the data, how recent that data is, and the overall affordability of the omnibus study (especially for how much information is included). Armed with the information you’ve gained from an omnibus study, you can start to make positive improvements to your business and get a better idea of the kind of information you require from more dedicated studies.

If you are looking for quality omnibus studies and dedicated research, be sure to contact a reputable, established company that has the omnibus studies that you want. Then, you can see if you would like to expand your research based on the information you gained from the omnibus study—and in turn help your company into the next phase of its success.